Comprehensive Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Repair Myrtle Beach

Air Conditioner Repair Myrtle BeachMaintaining the heating and cooling system in your home is easier than you think, and the long-term positive benefits are numerous. By putting in a little effort today, you not only are going to save money on costly repairs to the heating and cooling system, you will extend the life of the overall unit so you are not going to be put in the position to have to make that huge purchase any time soon.

Consider this comprehensive guide from the leaders in air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach SC to maintaining the HVAC system in your home. For more info please visit them at:

Make a note on your calendar to check the air filter in your HVAC unit once a month. If the filter is clean, or it can be cleaned, do so and place it back inside. If it is too dirty to clean, purchase a new one and install it immediately. The rule of thumb here is to check and clean the filter once a month, and replace that filter no less than every three months. This will ensure air can easily be pushed through the filter without adding extra work to the unit.

Take a close look at the outside fan unit. Air needs to move through the unit freely, and the fan needs to spin without obstruction. Clear away and bushes, plants, or grass, that have grown up and around the unit. be sure you have a few feet clearance on all four sides. Take a look inside to see if any dirt, debris, branches, grass clipping, or leaves are trapped inside. Power off the system, remove the top casing, and vacuum out all that debris so the fan can work as was intended.

Inside the home, give the air handler a good inspection. The unit should run quietly, and you should not be able to feel any treated air escaping from the seams of the air handler casing. If you do find leaks, simply run a long piece of duct tape over the area to seal up the air.

Be sure you call a local heating and cooling repair company and schedule an annual maintenance. By allowing experts to look at the system once a year, they can quickly spot any potential trouble and make the small repair long before it becomes a costly emergency repair.

Now that you know about this comprehensive guide to maintaining the HVAC system in your home, mark a few dates on your calendar so as the months pass, you are able to keep up with your efforts to preserving the entire system.