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Learning How to Get a Real Estate Buyers Rebate

How does the sound of getting a check for several thousand dollars sound just for buying a house ring to you? If you think this may be too good to be true, then you have not heard about real estate rebates. These rebates are a slice of the realtor commission paid to the buyer for simply working with certain realtors. No strings, no forms, no qualifications, you just have to choose a realtor willing to part with their pay. Sounds easier said than done, so here are some tips for learning how to get a real estate buyers rebate.

1. Before you even approach a realtor about the real estate rebate, get all your papers in order. Even if you were not going to try for the rebate, you could save a ton of money and time getting your credit score in order. Get a copy, find mistakes, get them fixed, and you could get a lower interest rate come closing time.

2. Talk with your financial institution about getting a mortgage commitment letter now. This letter basically tells the realtor and the home owner you have the financial backing to close on a house immediately. This can go a long way in speeding up the sale process and looks very appealing to sellers looking to get out of their homes quickly.

3. Research your realtors before you present the deal. There is no reason to work with a bad realtor just to get some cash at closing. Take the time while your finances are being put in order to go to social media pages and check out the realtors in your neighborhood. Once you have a list of a few you might consider working with, it is time to try for your rebate.

4. Reach out to those realtors you want to work with, and present the offer in this manner so you know without a doubt they will have no problem giving you a piece of their commission at the closing of the house.

– Explain that you are interested in getting a real estate rebate and was curious if they provided such.
– Tell these realtors you are ready to buy, and you have already gotten and fixed your credit scores.
– Be sure to tell the realtor you have a mortgage commitment letter in hand.
– Let the realtors know you are ready to buy a house that is in a certain range, neighborhood, and age.

You did all the grunt work, any realtor would be smart to take you on as a client and cut you in on cash at closing.

How to Sell the Buyer on Your Asking Price when Selling FSBO in Charleston

Premier One Charleston SC gives us the simple answer: Obtain a house appraisal from a qualified appraiser. One recognized by lending companies and banks. Interestingly enough, banks and mortgage companies do not lend money to home buyers based on the value attached to the property by a real estate agent. That is because they do not consider real estate agents valid appraisers. And for good reason say some local  Charleston SC real estate professionals, read on for more.

Charleston SC Real EstateThe real estate agent’s comparative market analysis may not represent true market values of neighboring homes. Therefore, protect yourself by getting an appraisal done by a professional appraiser, one that will give an accurate, unbiased appraisal of your home. An appraiser calculates a property’s worth using a direct sales comparison approach – based on the actual selling, not asking price, of comparable properties in your neighborhood.

Even a homeowner can obtain a relatively accurate appraisal of their property. By doing a little research, making use of an online house appraisal service, and by gathering data from the interactive Home Price Information Services available in many major cities.

Setting a Reasonable Asking Price
Without having to consider a real estate agent’s percentage of the selling price, as a “for sale by owner” homeowner you have more leeway when deciding on an asking price. However, make sure the price you attach to your home is reasonable.

While you can set the price a little higher than the house appraisal if location or other aspects of the property are especially desirable, it is in your best interest to be conservative when attaching an asking price on your home for sale by owner.

Most buyers will make a fair offer on a reasonably priced fsbo home they like, but will avoid making any offer if the asking price is set too high. Buyers are usually advised by a buyer broker or lawyer to bid below or at the appraised value. Even so, unless the market is slow in your area, setting your asking price at 3 to 4% over the appraised value of your home will not deter most serious buyers.

Selling the Buyer on Your Asking Price
After setting a fair price on your home based upon the house appraisal, sell the buyer on your asking price. There are advantages to buying a for sale by owner house.

First, the selling process is less complicated for both the seller and the buyer. A large percent of FSBO homes that sell were originally listed with a real estate agent, before the homeowner became frustrated and took matters into their own hands. In most cases, the asking price of a home for sale by owner can be dropped by 6 to 7% from what the real estate agent had it listed for, and still put more money in homeowner’s pocket while saving the buyer big bucks!

Enhancing Your Chances of Making a Quick Sale
To increase chances of making a quick sale, advertise wisely. Advertising online using a resource such as Virtual Real Estate Listings can save you hundreds in newspaper advertisements.